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A ThoroughBred in Need : LaxGivesLife

When a member of the lacrosse world needs something, the lacrosse community steps up and comes through. This time its the Skidmore Thoroughbreds that need our help.

Below is messaging sent out by Coach Elizabeth Ghilardi and the IWLCA.


On May 22 tragedy struck the Skidmore Women’s Lacrosse Team. One of their current players was not feeling well and her teammates decided to call for help. She was later airlifted to Albany Med where she has remained in critical condition. Over the past couple of weeks, the entire Thoroughbred Community has rallied and they are now asking for our help as well. The family is one of faith and service.


Given the long road ahead for their player and the many procedures she will need to undergo as she continues to fight for her life, they are asking the IWLCA community to donate blood. The blood shortage in this country is real and your donation will not only hopefully help their player, but will help all of those in need. As Thoroughbreds, they are always looking for ways to pay it forward and they hope you will be willing to join in our efforts. Over the coming weeks, the coaches will be putting together a photo album of all those who have donated to share with the family!

If you feel comfortable, please share a photo of you donating, please do so with head coach Elizabeth Ghilardi:

The Challenge

Because not everyone can give blood (for health, religious and various other reasons) before you challenge someone else, please ask them first.

The challenge is to donate, post a picture of you donating on Instagram, use the hashtag #laxgiveslife and tag 3 people who you are challenging. 

Strength in numbers! #laxgiveslife

If you know of someone in need that needs help please don’t hesitate to reach out. The easiest way to contact us is through social messaging or via email