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Aleš Golob, Slovenia Lacrosse - Going Offsides
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Aleš Golob, Slovenia Lacrosse – Going Offsides

On the third installment of Going Offsides exploration of overseas lacrosse we head to Slovenia with Aleš Golob.

Meet Aleš, a passionate lacrosse fan who is doing everything he can to grow the game of lacrosse in Slovenia. A former swimmer, Aleš found the game later in life and took to it like a sponge to water.

Going Offsides with Aleš Golob

Slovenia is an absolutely stunning country in eastern Europe known for its vast mountain ranges to the north and beautiful beaches to the south. Aleš encourages people to come visit the country and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Lacrosse is in its infancy in Slovenia with less than 100 players in the country, but those who do play are extremely passionate. The primary focus of the countries players is field lacrosse at the moment.

Aleš credits foreign coaches for coming to Slovenia and spreading their knowledge and passion for the game.

International fame and prestige isn’t an immediate goal for the players in Slovenia, they play simply because they enjoy it. This isn’t to say they don’t want to win as bad as everyone else in Europe, they just don’t mind focusing on fun. If all goes well you should expect to see them at the 2021 European championships in Poland.

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Join us this fall as we take a deep dive into international lacrosse and what lacrosse looks like in countries all over the world. Later this fall we will look at domestic box teams and educate ourselves about the opportunities that exist in the game.

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