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PLL Week 3
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Chrome and Chaos Deliver in PLL Week 3

If you missed the action from Week 2, get caught up here before reading further about PLL Week 3.


Game Recaps

Whipsnakes (12) vs Atlas (11) OT

While Joe Nardella was above 50%, he wasn’t his usual dominant self Friday night, and without the extra possessions they are normally used to, the Whipsnakes struggled to find a groove on offense. The Atlas continued to find their identity and are looking more and more like a top-four team. The stats show the game was really equal, and Jack Concannon provided the Atlas with the edge they needed to stay in the game, but the Whips did just enough to eek out the result in overtime.

Redwoods (9) vs Chaos (11)

I don’t know if the Chaos defense drastically improved or if the Redwoods just had a bad day on offense, but either way, the ‘Woods attack seemed out of sorts. TD Ierlan continued to dominate in his rookie campaign, winning 77% of the faceoffs, but highlight reel plays by Chaos player Kyle Jackson, along with the emergence of rookie Ryan Smith, proved too much as the Chaos secured their first victory of the season.

Waterdogs (8) vs Archers (17)

It’s the Archers’ world right now, and everyone else is just living in it. The stats don’t really give the game justice, because the Waterdogs were only dominated in one category: shots. The Archers were relentless on offense, taking 42 shots and scoring 15 times for 17 points. Ghitelman was a man possessed pushing transition, getting an assist, and then cashing in a two-bomb during the confusing final seconds.

Cannons (17) vs Atlas (18)

WHAT A GAME. After a goose egg in Friday night’s debut, rookie Jeff Teat came alive to the tune of SEVEN GOALS on 11 shots. Throw in the fact that Lyle Thompson was held scoreless, and those were the two biggest headlines of the game. The young Atlas offense continues to improve while the defense has seemingly found the right personnel. Time to buy Atlas stock before it’s too late.

Chrome (16) vs Whipsnakes (6)

Lets be honest here – the Whips just didn’t have it on Sunday. On the tail end of a double header and with Zed Williams out and Matt Rambo soon to follow, the Whips didn’t have their leaders on offense. The defense actually played well, but every time the ball crossed the midline, it felt like it was coming right back. Meanwhile, John Galloway stood on his head for a 78% save percentage. Two things are for certain: the Whips will come back from this and the Chrome never quit. Look for big things from both teams next weekend.

5 Best Performances of PLL Week 3

Jeff Teat, Atlas attack: seven goals and two assists on 11 shots with one turnover.

Adam Ghitelman, Archers goalie: 53% with an assist and a two-bomb.

John Galloway, Chrome goalie: 78% save percentage and six goals allowed with 21 saves.

Jake Froccarro, Chaos midfielder: assisted four of 10 goals en route to team’s first win.

Jay Carlson, Whipsnakes attack: two goals, many ground balls, game-winning caused turnover.

Updated Standings