sam bradman salisbury lacrosse
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UPDATED: College Lacrosse Tournament Pick ‘Em Challenge!

UPDATE: No one got all the games right… again!  Jthaisss came close, getting 7 of 8 right, and only missed the Notre Dame – Virginia game, which was a tough one to call.  Maryland’s upset, Loyola’s win and Tufts’ loss knocked most people off right away… but some were close!

Since Jthaisss was SO close, we’ll send them some GTG laces.  So Jthaisss, send us an email with your address to, and put “Pick Em Challenege GTG laces” in the subject line.

This weekend we will give you one FINAL chance to win a strung up head from Connor Wilson.  You’ll have to pick the D1 semifinals, D1 finals, D2 finals and D3 finals correctly to win.  But that’s only 5 games… we know someone will pull it off!

Great work guessing, LAS Nation!  Keep it up!


In last week’s Pick ‘Em Challlenge I selected ten great games for you to pick winners from, and no one got all ten outcomes right… so that means we’re doing it again THIS WEEKEND, and the same rules apply:

  • I supply you with the games to predict (this time will be 8 games from NCAA D1, D2 and D3!) below.
  • You post your predicted winners in the comments section of this post.
  • If you get all the predictions correct, you win a prize!
  • Prizes are determined by how many people enter/comment on each Challenge post.  75+ entries and the prize will be a strung lacrosse head!  Less than 75 comments, maybe it will be a t-shirt or shorts.  So in order to make sure the prize is great, SHARE this post with your friends and get more people to enter.
  • Any winners are determined solely by LAS.  Correct spelling of teams’ names can be used as a tie breaker.
  • The ability to enter this contest ends at the start of the first game listed below.
sam bradman salisbury lacrosse
Can Sam Bradman and Salisbury win their third game of the season over Stevenson?

Photo Credit: 24SevenLax

Now it’s on to the eight great college lacrosse games of this weekend.  I list them out, you pick winners and if you get them all right, I’ll hook you up with lacrosse swag.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  Here are the 8 games where you must pick an eventual winner:

Denver Vs. Loyola

Maryland Vs. Johns Hopkins

Colgate Vs. Duke

Virginia Vs. Notre Dame

Tufts @ SUNY Cortland (NCAA D3)

Stevenson @ Salisbury (NCAA D3)

Limestone @ LeMoyne (NCAA D2)

Dowling @ Mercyhurst (NCAA D2)

You can see my predicted winners above in bold, for more info on “WHY” I picked who I picked, click on each game.  For D2 I’m going with Limestone winning on the road, and Mercyhurst getting their stiffest test of the year from Dowling, but still winning by 2.

Oh, and just so they’re on record, here are my MLL picks for the weekend: Chesepeake over Hamilton, Long Island over Charlotte, Rochester over Ohio and Denver over Boston in a big early season upset.

So now it’s YOUR turn to make some predictions.  If you get them all right, you’ll be rewarded, and as more people enter, the prize will just keep on getting better.  So make your predictions and then challenge your friends to the Pick ‘Em Challenge on!