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Connor Versus: Brodie Merrill – Episode 3

I took on Brodie Merrill in the third installment of Connor Versus, and I actually won! How did I pull that off? Well, I challenged Brodie right after a Canada scrimmage/practice, totally sandbagged him, and only picked events that I thought I could win. Somehow I pulled it off, and Brodie was fantastic to interact with throughout our short competition.

Perhaps this will be the extra motivation Brodie needs to take down the rest of the best lacrosse teams in the world?

Connor Versus: Brodie Merrill

I’d like thank Brodie Merrill for getting involved, accepting the challenge, and laughing off my cheating, sandbagging ways! He’s a great lacrosse player, and even better human being!

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 There is also a pretty sweet gear preview via social media up on LAS. If you love swag, you’ll love this.