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Crosse Clicks: College Edition

Each week we’re running two versions of Crosse Clicks. On Mondays we cover anything outside of the college lacrosse world, and on Wednesdays, we hit up the college world with a link fest to satisfy all.

Look At UVM Training!

Check out the University of Vermont Lacrosse team’s Facebook page. They are putting up videos of the guys running stairs, getting fitness tests done, etc. NCAA D1 Vermont dropped their baseball program a couple of years ago and focused more on lacrosse. Will 2013 be the year this investment pays off?

Photo from Vermont’s Facebook page, by Nick Mazur. Great shot!

UMass also started practice. Love the Sweatpants Ahoy title of this CollegeCrosse post.

Detroit gets back to work:

Gear, Gear, Gear Expolsion

U. Minnesota Duluth gear on 4OneTwo. Stevenson’s Maverik Maybach 2s on 4OneTwo. Michigan Locker Room: Guess where? Sewanee on LPG. VMI Gait gloves on LPG. Florida Southern King IV gloves on ILGear. UNC arm guards from Nike and STX on SSL. Maryland gloves on SSL. UMBC gear super explosion on 24SevenLax. Albany helmets and more on LPG. Beauties.

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Towson WLax selects captains for 2013. Detroit announces WLax captains. BYU announces captains for their men’s team.

Kennesaw State Going NCAA…

Someday. At this point it almost looks like a foregone conclusion. With all the activity down in Atlanta, including an MLL game this Summer, it’s only a matter of time, right? I’d love to see it happen. Also, the MLL could probably expand there. But that’s the subject of another post.

Who Is Riley Kennedy?

MGoBlue isn’t talking about Riley Kennedy, but we’re keeping the header. It’s superb. This week Michigan checks in with Sean Sutton. Hopkins is at #24 (a good one!) on their jersey number countdown to the season. I love this feature. D1 Player transfers to Oregon. Will Michael Marcott make an immediate impact? He was at Denver. He can’t be bad, right?

Do You Know The New Rules By Heart?

Read this, then watch the video, then read it again, THEN come back with questions. I’m sure there are still some out there.

Do Well In College…

And this could be you! NALL highlights, because a lot of these guys are former US college players. There is life after field.

Days Until The Season…

Princeton vs. Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse 41

Only 16 Days until the season kicks off. High Point Vs. Delaware on February 2nd! Man, that seems early, but it’s exciting!

The women’s game already started. Cuse beat Jacksonville. Evidently, field lacrosse is now a Winter sport. I did not know that. That is simply too early to begin games.

How Do You Wait?

Read Alphabetical NCAA D1 Preview posts. That was easy. 24SevenLax’s Loyola preview is the best in the biz, hands down!