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brian langtry
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Dodging With Professional Lacrosse Star Brian Langtry

Brian Langtry played his collegiate ball at Hofstra after growing up on Long Island. Once his years as a Flying Dutchman (Hofstra’s pre-Pride mascot) were over, Langtry kept on balling, and learning new aspects of the game. And now we’re adding Brian Langtry’s dodging techniques to our ever-expanding Lacrosse Training Library!

brian langtry
Langtry’s game, and hair, is glorious. So listen up!

In 2000, he played a couple games in the NLL, but didn’t make it back to the league again until 2003 when he suited up for the newly created Colorado Mammoth. He was named the rookie of the year in 2003, and played for the Mammoth until 2012, when he retired from pro indoor. Langtry also plays pro field lacrosse, and while he made his name with the Denver Outlaws, he is now starting for the Long Island Lizards, and is one of the more crafty players in the entire MLL.

So when Brian Langtry talks about dodging in box lacrosse, you’ll really want to listen. Langtry grew up playing field, and made the transition to box lacrosse later in life, and now he’s sharing all the lessons he’s learned with YOU!

Pretty insightful, right? In case you didn’t watch the video, you should. Brian does a great job of explaining the differences between box and field, and he raises good points about not dodging down the wing, shooting in tight, setting up your dodge, managing space, and giving your stick “eyes”.

If you’ve never played box lacrosse before, and are interested in playing, this video is a must watch. If you’re a field player looking to expand your game and skill set, this video is a must watch.

Brian Langtry has made the switch, and he’s helped others (like Connor Martin) make the switch as well. Box lacrosse skills have made Langtry a better box player (obviously), but they’ve also helped him become a better field player. And who doesn’t want that?

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