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Epoch Integra Gloves

High School Squads Rocking Epoch Integra Gloves

We’re starting to spot Epoch Integra Gloves everywhere. They are withstanding tests of time and elite-level play.

At LaxAllStars, we always get pumped to see our partners’ products being used on the field. Epoch Lacrosse serves as the perfect example. We’re starting to spot Epoch Integra Gloves everywhere. From individual pro players in the National Lacrosse League to full high school teams, it appears the gloves are withstanding the tests of time and elite-level play.

Today we’re pleased to share a quick look at unique pairs of Epoch Integra Gloves for high school lacrosse squads. Each design is unique in it’s own right and properly represents its team.

High School Epoch Integra Gloves

Don Bosco Epoch Integra Gloves
Don Bosco (New Jersey)
Middletown North Epoch Integra Gloves
Middletown North (New Jersey)
Duluth Wolfpack Epoch Integra Gloves
Duluth Wolfpack (Minnesota)
Prior Lake Epoch Integra Gloves
Prior Lake (Minnesota)

What truly makes these Epoch Lacrosse mitts unique is that carbon fiber integrated as padding. Epoch is the first lacrosse equipment manufacturer to ever integrate layers of carbon fiber into protective hand padding. Which makes sense, engineering with carbon fiber has been an unwavering core competency of the company’s since day one.

Have you tried these new lacrosse gloves from Epoch? We’d love to hear what you think of them! Join LaxAllStars today and submit a gear review for to help us inform the worldwide lacrosse community and Grow The Game®!

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