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Ice Box: Reebok Pumps

Everyone is still rocking Nike Air Force Ones, Jordans, Flights, etc.  Well, not everyone.  I just went Reebok.

My new athletic shoes are the new ZigSlash Basketball shoes.  They’re comfortable and have good ankle support.  Perfect for my quickly aging body.  But when I’m going out a little more casual, coaching, perhaps dropping by for a pint, I like something a little less aggressive but still aggressive.  Know what I mean?

The Reebok Pump is your answer.  Sorry, it’s my answer actually.  But I’m liking the experience.  It still has that I wasn’t born yesterday, oh I know what retro sneakers are caché but it lacks the and so does everyone else feeling, dreaded by cool people of all generations.  Reeboks aren’t that cool, which, of course, makes them so much cooler.  It’s pop science.

The Reebok Pump has seen a transformation from revolutionary sports shoe, to icon of cool, to the palette for sneaker art.  I just recently bought a pair of Reebok Pump Tennis Shoes featruing screened and sewn art from Basquiat through JackThreads.  Might be the coolest pair of sneaker I own.

Such sweet sneakerage.

I could care less what Celebs think, but Jay-Z rocks ’em, so like Miley Cyrus says, that’s pretty cool.

jay-z Reebok Pumps
Chyeah! It's your boy.

They’ve gone from basic…

basketball Reebok Pumps
White. standard.

to ballistic…

ALife's fuzzy tennis ball collaboration. Awmygod.

And everywhere in between.  Fantastic shoes.