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Lake Placid Summit Classic 2017 Brian Witmer
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Lake Placid Summit Classic – Truly One Of A Kind

The Lake Placid Summit Classic is a one of a kind lacrosse event, a true representation of what the summer lacrosse scene can be at its best, and it’s all happening RIGHT NOW!

In general, lacrosse in Lake Placid, NY – all the different events, the games being played, the people you meet, the action you see out on the field, the views – is all a truly amazing experience. The lacrosse action runs for much of the summer at this point, but since 1990 the Lake Placid Summit Classic has been the pinnacle of the area’s lacrosse activity and truly a high peak on the adult end of the range. The tournament is huge, extremely well run, and as competitive as it gets. The star power out on the fields is impressive, and what’s even better is that this star power runs for generations… in either direction.Lake Placid Summit Classic 2017 Brian Witmer

Lake Placid Summit Classic – Est. 1990

The Lake Placid Summit Classic brings people from all over to one of the most beautiful parts of New York, which is lovingly called “Upstate”, and then the lacrosse happens, the reunions commence, and an unrivaled sense of community and camaraderie invades each field, hotel, swimming hole, restaurant, and bar.Lake Placid Summit Classic 2017 Brian Witmer

2018 has turned out to be no different, and starting on June 29th and running through August 5th, Lake Placid is once again host to an amazing event, with amazing people, and on-field play that will leave you thirsting for more and feeling inspired, no matter how young (or old) you may be.

The week of Lake Placid Lacrosse kicks off with the younger crowd, and on July 30th, 31st, and August 1st you will see two high quality divisions of 2021/22 boys games (Gold & Silver), three boys division of 2019/20s (Gold & Silver & Summit), the Northstar Division for top level girls players in grades 2018-21, another high quality girls division for 2019-21, a girls division for 2022/23s, AND then on August 1st there is yet another girls opportunity where a fast paced 7v7 format takes over and the action picks up in quickness even more. We haven’t even gotten to the adult divisions yet and this is already a ridiculous amount of top level lacrosse!Lake Placid Summit Classic 2017 Brian Witmer

August 1st through the 3rd sees the older fellows take the field, and 60+, 55+, and 50+ divisions all stacked with teams, it has to be one of the highest concentration of “older” lacrosse guys on the planet each year. You’ll see alumni teams, classic old school club teams, and a ton of amazing old gear. Some of these guys have bought all the new stuff, but many still rock padding or sticks that are older than the kids who just finished playing in the days before. It’s a glorious collection of some of the game’s greats, and the reunion on and off the field is something to behold. The competition is still fierce, and these old men swing their sticks like they were much younger, but the strongest force generated by these three days is one of reconnecting and friendship. It’s about old retelling stories, making up new ones, and picking up a couple of bruises so you know you’re still alive.

The Lake Placid Summit Classic is about coming back out to give it your all no matter how old one may be, and it’s something to see in person!

From August 2nd through the 4th, you get even more age brackets thrown into the mix, and the men’s 45+ (Gold & Silver), 40+, 35+, and 30+ divisions all run during this three day span. When you get to this group the competition level is right back up with the best of the best. The 45+ divisions feature intense rivalries, an A and a B bracket, and some absolutely amazing play. As you go a little lower, it only gets better, and by the time you’re watching the 30+ division you’re seeing a ton of former D1 All Americans, local legends, guys who just recently retired from the pros, and plenty of NLL caliber guys looking to play a little late summer field lacrosse. Maybe you’ll cover Gary Gait or Mike Powell, or maybe Regy Thorpe or Gerry Byrne will cover you! Either way it’s amazing lacrosse, and rubbing elbows with players like that is nothing short of incredible, even as they’re trying to remove your elbows from your body.Lake Placid Summit Classic 2017 Brian Witmer

On the 4th and 5th, you will also see the Open 18+ divisions kick off for both the men and women. There is a Gold and Silver bracket for the men’s teams, and there is Gold & Silver for the women, and to move up you need to win games. It’s an amazing set up with a staggering amount of depth and talent. We are talking about some of the best talent the NCAA currently has to offer, incoming stars, and recent graduates. This is, quite simply, some of the best summer lacrosse on the planet, and there is just so much of it going on at once. It might be overwhelming if the sport of lacrosse weren’t so awesome.

Check out this list of teams, JUST from the Men’s Open A Division and then tell me this isn’t the biggest, most impressive group you’ve ever seen.

Bankers Healthcare Group, Big Red Steelheads (Cornell), Buffalo Soliders Open (WNY), Burning Orange (Syracuse), Dirty Birds, GMH L.C., Graph-Tex Open, Mesa Fresh Lacrosse, Orange Crush, Sailin’ Shoe, Sector SPDRS, Smokey Joe’s Quakers, Team Army Ranger, Team Power-Tek, Team Steak, and The Pepper Boys.

That’s 16 A-level squads right there. While rosters haven’t been posted yet, when they are you will want to check them out! (Do so HERE). And this is ONE division of play. ONE. There are TWENTY such divisions at Placid.

The play is nothing short of electric, creative, and heated. The rivalries are real, and pride is on the line. While the off field scene is equally electric (and a ton of fun) the games are the truest draw for fans and other players, and you will see stuff you’ve never seen before in these contests. It will shock you, and make you want to become a better player. It did that for me the first time I played up in Placid. It will do the same for you!Lake Placid Summit Classic 2017 Brian Witmer

Entire families will head up for the week. Fathers, mothers, and grandparents will watch the youngest generations of their family play the game we all love, and as the week moves along, the roles will reverse, and the youngest can watch their own family’s older generations play the same game. There is no direct connection through family, time, and our game quite like the one you can see at Lake Placid.

This is not a surprise. After all, the Lake Placid Summit Classic is truly one of a kind.

Here are a couple of the most classic/best team names we’ve seen so far:

Cloudsplitters, Dacks Lax/Love Linda, Black & Blue Jays, Grateful Danes, Wet Bandits, Gray Danes, Olden Flyers, Ye Olde Quakers, Creaky Crimson, Faber College 50’s, Last Call Lacrosse, and The Reapers.

Old and young, everyone comes together at Placid, and if you have a little fun with your uniforms and team name, you’ll fit right in.