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Nova Scotia Privateers Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2015 box lacrosse tournament
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LASNAI: Team No. 3 Announced!

Team number 3 for the upcoming LASNAI is coming in hot. We’ve reviewed Teams 1 and 2, and you can find a refresher on them via links below. Then we get to Team number 3. Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles will be so proud!

Team 1LCC Radotín
Team 2Vermont Voyageurs

Team 3 – Nova Scotia Privateers!

That’s right, the boys from beautiful Nova Scotia are making the trek to the Onondaga Nation, and they’re excited to represent their province in our inaugural tourney. Lacrosse in Nova Scotia has been steadily growing and improving over the last decade or so, and this is a testament to the constant work put in by guys like Rod Humphreys and Chet Koneczny, who are organizing this iteration of the Privateers. Rod is kind of the current godfather of the Privateers, and Chet is a Nova Scotian born box star with plenty of OLA, NLL, and FIL experience under his belt. The two men are both superb examples of real life Game Growers.

These guys make the trek to Prague for Ales Hrebesky Memorial religiously, and always compete for a pool title and top 8 finish. The province has also had better and better showings at Canadian national box events, and the quality of the local league has improved as well. While the box lacrosse community in Nova Scotia is still small when compared to hockey, it is strong, growing, and close knit. Expect this team to know each other well, play together, and play with purpose.

Brandon Biron - Nova Scotia team lacrosse

Will the Privateers wear Privateer jerseys? Unknown as of now. They may wear Halifax Hustle jerseys, which would be cool. Or they’ll don their tartan and black kits. Either way, this team will look sharp, and give the competition a great run on the floor. Look for guys like Jamie Dunbar to lead the team on the floor, and look for plenty of fun off the floor, led by everyone on the team. Nova Scotia knows how to win, AND enjoy life. They are a great bunch of guys. How do I know this? Because I played with them in 2014 at the Ales Hrebesky, and I’m not even Nova Scotian, that’s just how welcoming they are.

We’re excited to have a team like Nova Scotia, which plays in some amazing tourneys already, come to our event. It’s a vote of confidence, and we’re thrilled to have these guys in attendance. Quality team lacrosse, top notch character, and a wonderfully motley crew of characters – that’s Privateer box lacrosse, and a perfect fit for our upcoming event!