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Latrell Harris wrote a letter explaining how his mum helped him make it, thanking her for all she's done for him and his siblings.
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Thank You, Mum – How I Made It

I was raised by a single mother as one of three. Myself and my sisters were all athletes. Often, we would have games in different cities on the same day. My mum made 99 percent of them.

And we always had a roof to return to after.

It’s expensive to have a child. It’s very expensive to have three children. It seems unmanageable alone.

Yet, here I am.

Kerry Anne, known in some circles under the alas K-Money, has been a personal support worker at a nursing home for 27 years. She also managed two salons in St. Catharines. Before the pandemic, she pulled some night duty shifts, too. She always has something going on, something to do.

The bills were paid. We weren’t rich, but we weren’t homeless, and we weren’t hungry. And we were loved.

My mum made my sisters and me the most important thing in her life. She would drive from St. Catharines to Oakville and back for my lacrosse practice and my sister’s soccer game. She was always there to support us. We were her priority.

I was fortunate enough to be drafted by the Toronto Rock four years ago. Not only is it a great organization I’m proud to represent, but it’s close to my home. That affords me luxuries I wouldn’t have elsewhere.

I’m able to live at home with my family. I have homecooked meals. I have the physical support and love of my people every day.

I would be very miserable right now if I didn’t have my mum in my life as I do. I love her, for everything that she is and for everything she has done for our family. I am deeply thankful for her.

She taught me to always be respectful. She taught me to use my manners. She taught me to never discriminate. She taught me how to balance a budget. She taught me how to get things done.

My mum brings my sisters, my grandma, and sometimes my other grandma to all my games. She comes sporting full Rock attire, and she’s a yeller. She likes to make sure she’s heard in the arena.

My family always sits in the same spot. Before the ref blows the whistle for the faceoff, we always look at each other. It’s my way of acknowledging her for what she’s done to get me here.

I am here, because she is here.