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Net Wraps & Nike Gloves Are Always in My Gear Bag

Latrell Harris reveals the gear he swears by and his preferences, including his love for his personalized net wraps from MSNLazer.

I’ve never been one to stress over my lacrosse gear. When I was a kid, I used whatever was given to me. That hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older, though my access to nicer equipment has obviously improved. Of course, like everyone else, I still have preferences. If given the choice, I’m almost always […]

The Many Lessons of Playing Lacrosse

Latrell Harris entered the NLL as one of the youngest players ever drafted. Four years and a career later, he reflects his lessons learned.

You learn a lot playing lacrosse. You especially learn a lot playing it professionally. I entered the NLL at age 18 after being one of the youngest-ever players drafted into the league. Only one team showed me much interest before the 2016 NLL Draft, and you can guess which team I still play for now […]

Tracksuits, Joggers & Long Sleeves – My Guide to Style

Latrell Harris tracksuits

I don’t have a picky style. I’m not much of a formal person. You won’t usually see me in something with a collar or buttons. My style is about comfort first and foremost, and you can get that easier with other kinds of clothes. That does not mean I never clean up, though. When duty […]

Thank You, Mum – How I Made It

Latrell Harris wrote a letter explaining how his mum helped him make it, thanking her for all she's done for him and his siblings.

I was raised by a single mother as one of three. Myself and my sisters were all athletes. Often, we would have games in different cities on the same day. My mum made 99 percent of them. And we always had a roof to return to after. It’s expensive to have a child. It’s very […]

Latrell Harris Music Playlist SLAPS

The Latrell Harris Music Playlist slaps, with tracks from Lil Wayne, Biggie Smalls, Lil Baby and more in an intersection of hip hop decades.

Welcome to the Latrell Harris Music Playlist! These are 20 of my favorite songs that I consistently have in my rotation, and if you don’t know, you’ll know soon that I’m a hip hop head.  It’s not all I listen to, but it’s pretty dominant in my tastes. I like hip hop from a range […]

This Is the Candy I Couldn’t Live Without

Latrell Harris loves his candy, so he wrote out his top five favorite candies and broke it all down so you can rot your teeth like him.

If you know me, you know my love for candy. To say I have a sweet tooth would be like saying the Cookie Monster has a sugar preference. When it comes to candy, I don’t play. This is where it gets serious. Top 5 Candy I Can’t Live Without Tropical Starburst You simply cannot beat […]