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PBLA Team Logo Reveal: Part 2

The Professional Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA), an American based box lacrosse league aimed at recapturing the beauty that was lacrosse in the 1990’s, has released their team logos this week. In addition to new logos, the league announced an eight team to be located in Salem/Roanoke.

PBLA Logo Drop : Part 2

Previously the league had released the team locations before entering a multi-week competition to determine the names of the teams. Those team locations and names are as follows.

Binghamton, NY

Charlotte, NC

Elmira, NY

Hampton, VA

New England

Syracuse, NY

Trenton, NJ

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the league’s logos, follow the link HERE!

Logo Drop

New England Chowderheads

Of the three logos dropped today, this is my third favorite, which isn’t bad since I like them all. The captain figure is really cool, the ships wheel with the C is also very clean. My only gripe is that the primary logo feels a little busy with the waves in the background. Six colors seems a tad busy to me, removing the wave might streamline the entire look.

Elmira Renegades

The Renegades logo is sick, the helmet looking like a lacrosse helmet is cool, although it looks like a field helmet. The font work and color scheme will be really cool to see on game day.

Syracuse Spark

Firstly, I’m glad we’ve moved away from Sparkle Muffins by name but we’ve kept the spirit of the Sparkle Muffin being a spider. The spider in the primary logo is tenacious and the synergy with the burning S logo is very well thought out. I’m not sold on the color scheme yet, I feel that similarly to the Chowderheads, the Spark have one/two too many colors involved.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned fore more PBLA news coming up soon, rumor has it that we have coach and player announcements coming in the near future.

For more about the PBLA visit or @watchpbla on Twitter.