The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: NORTHWEST

NORTHWEST Summer Lacrosse Tournaments

Over the next few days, we’re shedding light on the best summer lacrosse tournaments in each region of the United States. We’ll break down the details of each tournament and tell you what you need to know. Next up: NORTHWEST.

2013 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament

Brawl in McCall 2013 Logo

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend, and participate in, my first Brawl in McCall. The Brawl is a fairly small tournament on the beautiful Payette Lake, a few hours north of Boise, Idaho. Photo Of The Week!

lacrosse_flip_dodge austin huckvale

Team LAS was in McCall, Idaho last weekend for the Brawl in McCall, and our photographer caught a ridiculous flip dodge by a rising freshman in college. Photographic proof!

The Summer of Lax

This summer I was able to take a journey around the West coast on par with that of Che’s journey through South America. Well… maybe not, but it was still an incredible experience of lax, laughs and loads of fun with some of the coolest guys lacrosse has to offer.

Caption Contest!

Brawl In McCall Caption Contest

This crazy lacrosse photo needs an entertaining caption. Let’s Brawl! Winner announced 8/14.

LAS Takes On The Brawl In McCall

2011 Brawl in McCall Lacrosse Tournament

Jeff Brunelle and the rest of the LAS lax team is out at the Brawl in McCall for their annual lacrosse tournament. It’s the best lacrosse tourney in Idaho, set in a great location, and full of Summer fun. Lax time!