Rorke Denver At LaxCon


I wasn’t 100% sure as to what to expect from Rorke Denver’s speech to the US Lacrosse crowd, but I knew it would have to do with two things: 1) lacrosse, and 2) the Navy SEALs.

11 Lessons I Learned at LaxCon

11 Lessons I Learned at LaxCon

After attending his very first LaxCon, Mark recaps the 11 most important lessons that he learned at the 2015 US Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore, Maryland!

Wheelchair Lacrosse At LaxCon


The guys from Wheelchair Lacrosse put on a demo game around midday Saturday at the US Lacrosse Convention, and for many in attendance, it was their first experience with wheelchair lacrosse.

Win this Metrik head with a #Laxcon dye by Stylin’ Strings

Win this Stylin Strings Laxcon dye

To celebrate the US Lacrosse Convention in Baltimore this year, Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind dye job on a Metrik lacrosse head. The Maryland flag inspired design features Rorke Denver, LaxAllStars, Rit Dye, East Coast Dyes, and Throne of String.

Stylin Strings celebrates #LaxCon with Major League Dye

LaxCon Lacrosse Head Dyed by Stylin Strings

To celebrate the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention, which took place over the weekend in Baltimore, the crew at Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind #LaxCon themed lacrosse head and put it on display at their booth. Here’s an up-close look!

Hot Pot: 5 Reasons To Go To LaxCon 2015

#LaxCon 2015 Us lacrosse convention in Philadelphia, PA

Are you looking for a reason to go to #LaxCon 2015? I’m about to hit you with 5 great reasons to attend the US Lacrosse Convention this year in Baltimore, MD.

LaxCon: The People

us_lacrosse_convention 2014

Billy Nguyen, Joel Taliento, Jeff Melnik, and Connor Wilson all took in the sights and sounds of #LaxCon, and they ran into a ton of great people. Check out the 2013 US Lacrosse Convention from their eyes!

Photo of the Week: LaxCon Aftermath

#laxcon aftermath of the US Lacrosse national convention

By now you probably know that the US Lacrosse Convention, better known as #LaxCon, was in Philadelphia last weekend, and anyone who’s anyone in lacrosse was there. But after a grand old time, the inevitable end had to come…

Saturday LaxCon LIVE

#LaxCon 2015 Us lacrosse convention in Philadelphia, PA

#LaxCon has begun! The LaxAllStars boys are in Philly and taking the US Lacrosse Convention by storm. All day long we will be updating this post with updates on what’s goin’ on at #LaxCon.

Throne’s Killer Convention Video

The Throne of String was at the US Lacrosse Convention in a major way. Tons of people were tossed free Throne Mesh, and the end result is a killer video.