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Thirsty Thursday Lacrosse Drop

The lacrosse world is in that post-fall ball lull, where things slow down a bit every year.  We’re still a month away from the next major gear push by manufacturers and the NLL season doesn’t kick off until early January.  College guys are hitting the wall and the weights, but for the most part, fall seasons are over.  Last week the Vegas tourney took place – we’ll have more info on that later – and Miami, New Orleans and other tourneys are on the horizon.

LAS has been kicking out lots of killer content from interviews with Thomas Wood of UNC and Commissioner Gross of the MLL to uniform suggestions for Oregon, Princeton, Haverford and Loyola.  There will be more to come of that, in fact, we feature Tufts later in this post.  The lacrosse action is out there, you just have to know where to find it!

Thoughts on the MLL

It still seems like the MLL thrives in markets with some D1 NCAA lacrosse, that are youth lacrosse participation heavy, but not those that are saturated with college teams like Baltimore.  Teams in Boston and Denver fit this mold and they are also both blessed with great ownership groups.  Philly should work according to this model and I just don’t think there was enough outreach to the community in that case.  My next three location choices would be somewhere in Ohio, Michigan and Pittsburgh.  The 412 choice breaks the mold a bit, but if the team colors are black and yellow, it has to work, right?  What would your choices be?


Best Hockey Shootout Goals

These are just splendid efforts.  Almost as good as the kid who picks the puck up on his stick and throws it in backhand at 9 years old.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”TSN’s Top 10 Most Creative NHL Shootout Goals of All Time (1/20/2010)”]

Thanks to Patrick McMillan for the find!  Good stuff.

Oh, you thought I wouldn’t show you the amazing goal by the 9 year old?  Of course I will…

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”9 year old kid hockey phenom scores amazing goal before Bruins game in penalty shot shootout contest”]____________________________________________________________________________________________

This is Just Impressive.  Inspirational Story.  Dig it!

Aaron Benz‘ journey from Kentucky High School lacrosse to NCAA Division III lacrosse has been an impressive one as his grades are excellent, his performance in net has been stellar and he has done it all while fighting Hodgkin’s Disease. has a fully detailed post on Aaron Benz at Eastern University and it is definitely worth a read.  Thanks to Sean Wheeler for the find!

How to Dress a Jumbo

Tufts had powder blue Nike uniforms for Memorial Day last year that they couldn’t wear since they had never worn them before.  NCAA rule, I believe.  No new jerseys for championship games.  Their non-dressing players wore them in the stands instead.  For 2011, I’m sure we’ll see the Powder Blues a lot, but personally I’d like to see Tufts stick with brown a bit more.

Thanks to LPG for the Picture!

A helmet in brown would really be amazing and since Brown University has it done, I’m sure the National Champion Jumbos could find a way as well.  Just imagine the maroon is brown, ok?

Brown can be awesome when paired w white and a little blue!
Brown lids with baby blue and white? tasty. Let that baby blue Jumbo logo stand out!


Lax Video #FAIL or WIN?

The Air Gait is probably the most practiced but least practical move of all time.  It’s still awesome.  This kid’s effort?  You be the judge…

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Lacrosse Fail”]


Sweet Lax Photo

We got this picture from Joe Eck at Washington & Jefferson.  Ran Kirby, the goalie at W&J straight stuffing fools on the doorstep.  We have 2 more of these but this one is the tops!  Plus PRESIDENTS is a great team mascot. Or something.

Step TO the ball! Nicely played. One more step attackman!


Sneakers.  Oh my god.  These Sneakers.

Sweet Sweet Lax found some unreal Reeboks on twitter.  I just can’t even describe them in words.  I’d need a million of them.

These are just plain dirty. Want.


Chrome Sticks and Mesh – String Away!

We got a shipment of factory-reject chrome Elite 10 heads from Nike, and Jeff Brunelle asked me to string him up a little mesh monster and I obliged.  Check out the sidewall.  Tight up top, looser at the bottom.  Perfect channel every time.

Over the top view
Sidewall close up.
Sidewall overview.