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2021 PLL quarterfinals stats
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What Can These Stats Tell Us about the PLL Quarterfinals?

The PLL Quarterfinals are right around the corner. It’s win-or-go-home time, and six of the league’s eight clubs are on the chopping block in the opening round.

To help us better understand what we can expect to see this weekend in the quarterfinals, I’ve taken a dive into some in-depth stats that can paint a picture of how players have impacted the play on the PLL field.

Bear in mind, these numbers included players from all eight teams in the PLL, not just those competing in the quarterfinals. Also, it’s important to note that these statistics are meant as a guide to improve understanding of the PLL season, not gospel for how good a player is or isn’t. There is more than one measure of a player’s success, and these numbers are everchanging throughout the season.

What Can These Stats Tell Us about the PLL Quarterfinals?

I should also mention that I’m human and do all tracking by re-watching games and recoding by hand. Calculation errors are possible.

Players in bold are on a team that’s active for the PLL Quarterfinals. Players that are italicized have a bye to the semifinals, and those that are in normal typeface are not in the postseason.

Goals Added

Goals added is a shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off-cage shots and assumes all on-cage shots are saves (not a given) to factor in who is adding the most goals for their team.

This is the top 10 of the list.

PlayerGoals Added
Colin Heacock (Chrome)6.37
Sergio Perkovic (Redwoods)6.29
Stephen Rehfuss (Cannons)5.92
Ian MacKay (Chaos)5.75
Jules Heningburg (Redwoods)5.37
Jay Carlson (Whipsnakes)4.76
Jackson Morrill (Chrome)4.61
Paul Rabil (Cannons)4.09
Ryan Drenner (Cannons)3.98
Will Manny (Archers)3.68

Lots of Redwoods and Cannons in that top 10, but Sergio Perkovic won’t be available this weekend. Can Jules Heningburg add enough goals to get the Redwoods their first playoff win over the Whips? Can the Cannons trio do enough offensively to lift their team to an upset in the PLL Quarterfinals as the No. 7 seed?

This is the bottom 10, with some great players near the bottom.

PlayerGoals Added
John Ranagan (Chrome)-4.26
Connor Kelly (Waterdogs)-4.76
Tom Schreiber (Archers)-5.12
Justin Guterding (Whipsnakes)-5.22
Daniel Bucaro (Atlas)-5.61
Mike Chanenchuk (Whipsnakes)-6.26
Ned Crotty (Chrome)-7.80
Rob Pannell (Redwoods)-7.87
John Haus (Whipsnakes)-9.36

Points Created by the Dodge

This stat awards a point if a dodge sets up a goal by either drawing a slide of the player scoring himself.

PlayerPoints Created
Lyle Thompson (Cannons)24
Myles Jones (Redwoods)21
Grant Ament (Archers)21
Tom Schreiber (Archers)19
Josh Byrne (Chaos)17
Bryan Costabile (Atlas)15
Dan Bucaro (Atlas)15
Rob Pannell (Redwoods)15
Zach Currier (Waterdogs)14
Stephen Rehfuss (Cannons)14
Paul Rabil (Cannons)14

Lyle Thompson, Myles Jones, and Grant Ament are the same top three as my last update from July 22, and they’ll all be playing this weekend in the PLL Quarterfinals. How big of an impact can they each have for their teams, and will it be enough for them to advance?

Points Allowed

This is the defensive equivalent of the points created stat (you don’t want to be on this list). Your one-on-one defense created offense either through a goal being allowed or a slide leading to a goal. I had to make some judgment calls in the two-man game.

Remember that the players who get challenged the most are most likely to get on this list, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, guarding Lyle Thompson is a good way to find your number up here.

Let’s break it down by team, ordering players on each PLL squad by how many points they’ve allowed. This can give us a good look at how balanced a team’s defense is and where opposition might be able to exploit matchups.

TeamPlayerPoints Allowed
ArchersGraeme Hossack12
ArchersDominique Alexander10
ArchersMark McNeill10
ArchersLatrell Harris7
ArchersMatt McMahon6
ArchersWarren Jeffery4
ArchersScott Ratliff3
ArchersJared Conners1
ArchersJeff Trainor1
ArchersMarcus Holman1
ArchersTom Schreiber1
ArchersWill Manny1
AtlasJacob Richard12
AtlasMichael Rexrode11
AtlasCade Van Raaphorst6
AtlasCraig Chick5
AtlasBrent Adams4
AtlasBryan Costabile4
AtlasDanny Logan4
AtlasTucker Durkin3
AtlasKyle Pless2
AtlasPeter Dearth2
AtlasRomar Dennis2
AtlasAndrew Newbold1
AtlasDan Bucaro1
AtlasTrevor Baptiste1
CannonsTyson Bell14
CannonsJack Kielty11
CannonsZach Goodrich11
CannonsPaul Rabil5
CannonsTim Edwards5
CannonsReece Eddy4
CannonsConnor Buczek3
CannonsJake Pulver3
CannonsSam Duggan3
CannonsBrodie Merrill2
CannonsHolden Garlent2
CannonsDrew Simoneau1
CannonsMax Tuttle1
CannonsTim Edwards1
ChaosIan MacKay12
ChaosMark Glicini12
ChaosPatrick Resch8
ChaosDan Coates6
ChaosJarrod Neumann6
ChaosJack Rowlett6
ChaosJohnny Surdick4
ChaosTroy Reh4
ChaosJake Froccaro2
ChaosMac O’Keefe1
ChaosRyan Smith1
ChromeRyan Terefenko13
ChromeJustin Anderson9
ChromeGreg Weyl8
ChromeWill Haus7
ChromeJohn Moderski5
ChromeRyan Beville5
ChromeMike Manley4
ChromeJoel White3
ChromeJordon MacIntosh2
ChromeJohn Ranagan2
ChromeNick Grill2
ChromeBrendan Kavanagh1
ChromeDonny Moss1
ChromeEli Salama1
ChromeJames Barclay1
ChromeKevin Rogers1
ChromeTJ Comizio1
RedwoodsIsaiah Davis-Allen11
RedwoodsPat Harbeson9
RedwoodsSergio Perkovic8
RedwoodsEddy Glazener7
RedwoodsFinn Sullivan5
RedwoodsGarrett Epple5
RedwoodsJack Near5
RedwoodsHugh Crance3
RedwoodsJohn Sexton3
RedwoodsKevin Unterstein3
RedwoodsJules Heningburg2
RedwoodsMyles Jones1
RedwoodsTD Ierlan1
WaterdogsRyan Conrad15
WaterdogsChristian Scarpello7
WaterdogsEli Gobrecht7
WaterdogsSteve DeNapoli5
WaterdogsBen Randall3
WaterdogsLiam Byrnes3
WaterdogsRyland Rees3
WaterdogsChris Sabia2
WaterdogsZach Currier2
WaterdogsConnor Kelly1
WaterdogsMatt Whitcher1
WhipsnakesJake Bernhardt19
WhipsnakesMatt Abbott9
WhipsnakesMatt Dunn9
WhipsnakesBryce Young8
WhipsnakesCharlie Hayes6
WhipsnakesTim Muller6
WhipsnakesNick Manis4
WhipsnakesMichael Ehrhardt3
WhipsnakesColin Squires2
WhipsnakesJohn Haus2
WhipsnakesMike Chanenchuk1

FaceOffs Equated to Goals

Using the approximate value of a possession, we see how many goals each FOGO adds by gaining or losing possessions in faceoffs.

PlayerFaceoff Equated to Goals
Trevor Baptiste (Atlas)15.87
TD Ierlan (Redwoods)14.03
Joseph Nardella (Whipsnakes)7.59
Jake Withers (Waterdogs)4.37
Colin Squires (Whipsnakes)-0.92
Max Adler (Chaos)-1.15
Conor Gaffney (Archers)-1.15
Graeme Hossack (Archers)-1.15
Jake Pulver (Cannons)-1.38
Peyton Smith-1.38
Charlie Leonard (Redwoods)– 1.61
Danny Logan (Atlas)-1.84
Connor Farrell (Chrome)-2.07
Drew Simoneau (Redwoods)-2.76
Stephen Kelly (Archers)-3.45
Kyle Gallagher (Chaos)-3.68
Thomas Kelly-4.37
Kevin Reisman (Cannons)-5.52

Trevor Baptiste leaped to the top of the leaderboard, overtaking TD Ierlan and Joe Nardella, who both improved their numbers from my last update. The Redwoods will be without Ierlan in the PLL quarterfinals, though. Will that come with consequences? Will having the two other biggest impact FOGOs who will play this weekend make a big difference for Atlas and Whipsnakes?