Who Will Have the Edge in the 2021 PLL Championship?

2021 PLL Championship

The 2021 PLL Championship is nearly here. It will either be a Whipsnakes three-peat and continuation of the only status quo the PLL has ever known, or it will be the Chaos exacting revenge from the 2020 championship and claiming their first-ever league crown. The margins are fine, and the matchups will be a massive […]

What the Stats Tell Us About the PLL Semifinals

PLL semifinals stats

The PLL Semifinals will be upon us this weekend, with four teams fighting it out for the two spots in the 2021 PLL Championship. Using advanced stats, Winston Analytica has identified the crucial matchups in each contest that will play a major role in determining who survives for a shot at a title. You can […]

What Can These Stats Tell Us about the PLL Quarterfinals?

2021 PLL quarterfinals stats

The PLL Quarterfinals are right around the corner. It’s win-or-go-home time, and six of the league’s eight clubs are on the chopping block in the opening round. To help us better understand what we can expect to see this weekend in the quarterfinals, I’ve taken a dive into some in-depth stats that can paint a […]

Jules Heningburg Keeps Adding Goals: In-Depth PLL Stats

Jules Heninburg PLL stats

We’ve got another PLL stats analysis update, this time with deeper details, especially for goals added. And Jules Heningburg can’t stop adding goals. These statistics are meant to serve as a guide to better understand what’s happening on PLL fields, not a steadfast rule for how good a player is or isn’t. Everything is fluid, […]

Will Manny Is a Goal Machine: Four In-Depth PLL Stats

Will Manny PLL stats 2021

I dissected four PLL stats that tell the truth two weeks ago. Now through four weeks of games, I’ve updated those four key stats that reveal a deeper truth about what is happening on the field in the 2021 PLL. Here’s a hint: Will Manny is a goal machine. Will Manny Adds Goals: PLL Stats […]

Four PLL Stats That Tell The Truth

PLL Stats

The stat gurus are back again with an update on some telling PLL stats through week two. Is your favorite player doing as well as you thought? These stats tell the truth. PLL Stats: By The Numbers Goals Added A shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off cage shots and […]