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Connor is the Publisher of He lives in Brooklyn with his better half, continues to play and coach both box and field lacrosse in NYC as much as possible, and covers the great game that is lacrosse full-time. He spends his spare time stringing sticks and watching Futurama.
2015 NCAA Lacrosse Rules stx universal head

Lacrosse News And Video: 2015 NCAA Lacrosse Rules

There is plenty of news worth paying attention to in this week's lacrosse news and video post, as well as a must-watch video on the 2015 NCAA Lacrosse Rules!
2014 Ales Hrebesky Video

9 Wonderful Minutes – 2014 Ales Hrebesky Video

It's never too late for a little 2014 Ales Hrebesky Video! The annual tournament outside of Prague gets superb video treatment!

That Old Lacrosse Head: Brine D80 – The Spoon

The Brine D80 Head, also known to many simply as "the Spoon" is an absolute classic, a rare gem to find, and a true cornerstone to any old lacrosse stick collection.
NCAA Lacrosse Championship

TBT: 1977 NCAA Lacrosse Championship – Video

We love old NCAA Lacrosse Championship videos and this one is a real winner! The year was 1977. The event was the NCAA D1 Men's Lacrosse National Championship. The teams were Cornell and Johns Hopkins.
Reebok 6K Lacrosse Head Strung with Traditional vegetable leathers

Traditional Thursday: Vegetable Leathers

Two weeks ago I wrote The Truth About Lacrosse Leathers, and while I talked about "vegetable leathers:, I did not go into nearly enough...
Casey Powell Lacrosse NLL Boston Blazers Top 5 American

Top 5 American Box-Field Players

I recently did a video for The Lacrosse Network about the Top 5 American Box Lacrosse Players, who also dominate when it comes to field lacrosse.

Hot Pot: The Risks Of Being Creative

What are some of the risks of creativity, how can we counteract those risks, and where does creativity fit into the sport of lacrosse?
Iroquois v Canada 6.17 World Lacrosse Championship 2018

Lacrosse News And Video Explosion: 2018 Takeover

Welcome to the 2018 Takeover Edition of our weekly Lacrosse News And Video Explosion! Mixed in with all the interesting news stories and random videos of the week, we have a couple of impressive 2018 prospect highlight tapes.

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