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High School Lacrosse news and commentary. From East Coast to West Coast, we've got high school lax coverage from every region!
The notion that the author, Dave McKenna, puts out there is summed up thusly: There is a new trend amongst private school parents to hold their kids back a grade for sports, especially lacrosse, in the DC metro area. This means rich lacrosse parents are holding their kids back solely for sports. It's cheating and it's not fair. This is incredibly lazy reporting and storytelling.
With NYC public school’s spring break vacation over, teams are picking right back up where they left off. Let’s take a look at how teams fared coming off of a long week with minimal practice.
USBOXLA announced their tournament schedule for the 2014 summer series. The best youth box lacrosse teams from the United States and Canada will participate in each event.
How do you manage a player, and perhaps his family as well, who comes off of a disappointing summer circuit?
In this series Mark and I are covering different aspects of officiating the crease. He is taking most of the calls related to the goalkeeper, and I’m handling officiating the crease in common situations.
Chunking is taking a complex task and breaking it down into smaller, more easily achievable parts. Coaches of even the most elite athletes dedicate substantial time getting the individual parts to work correctly before adding complexity.
A one armed lacrosse player from Louisiana brings inspiration to a whole community.
Twenty-four schools, making up around 30% of Minnesota's high school lacrosse scene, will be joining forces to compete in a weekend of action all in the name of raising awareness and fighting blood cancers. Throughout the spring of 2014, around the country boys and girls high school lacrosse teams are teaming up with the HEADstrong Foundation to compete against rival opponents. These games are taking place in part with the HEADstrong's National Rivalry Series.

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