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High School Lacrosse news and commentary. From East Coast to West Coast, we've got high school lax coverage from every region!
A previous Club Directors Panel focused on how clubs are preparing their families for the accelerated recruiting process. Ryan Danehy, co-director of Go Blue and current assistant at Michigan, shared valuable insights from both sides of the process and then provided a great template for emailing college coaches.
The regular season has concluded in Pittsburgh. It's time to preview the D1 playoff bracket.
The privileges and responsibilities of the goalie are very specific and unique for lacrosse. These athletes are dedicating their life to the craft of goaltending, we must stay up on the rule and game changes to be confident that we are calling the best game that we can. Goalies count on us to get the little things right, if a player of the opposite team steps in the crease, no matter what, a flag or whistle must be blown.
The 2014 PSAL boys lacrosse regular season is officially in the books. Playoffs start up next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, depending on Division. Tottenville (12-0 in the “A” Division) and Eagle Academy (11-0 in the “B” Division) finish the year with perfect records, and Noah Kramer (Stuyvesant HS) finishes the year with 100 goals. Yup, that's in ONE season!
Lee Southren comes over to LAS from time to time to share his thoughts as a dedicated and passionate lacrosse parent. While Lee is regarded by many to be outspoken and blunt, he has another side which is very contemplative and deep. We'd like to thank Lee for sharing his personal thoughts, and we hope it helps other lacrosse parents who might be struggling with the concept of "the end".
What’s wrong with youth sports? Too much money, too much parent involvement, and too many brokenhearted 6-year-olds.
The notion that the author, Dave McKenna, puts out there is summed up thusly: There is a new trend amongst private school parents to hold their kids back a grade for sports, especially lacrosse, in the DC metro area. This means rich lacrosse parents are holding their kids back solely for sports. It's cheating and it's not fair. This is incredibly lazy reporting and storytelling.
With NYC public school’s spring break vacation over, teams are picking right back up where they left off. Let’s take a look at how teams fared coming off of a long week with minimal practice.

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