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Max Kelsey is a stick maker from Bemidji, Minnesota, and he may be the best stick maker you have never heard of!
Today we look into Firemesh, a new lacrosse mesh from Firethreads that has grip built in between diamonds.
A few months back we featured the Etienne wood stick collection by Colin Flynn. Now let's look at the others in his collection.
Welcome to String League Season 3! SL is a contest where the best lacrosse stringers come together for a challenging series of contests to find a champion.
Dye permeation... you know what that is, right? Time to join us for the very first episode of Gear Matters!
Skaggs gives us a look at some of the sticks Alf Jacques brought to the US Lacrosse convention this year.
We've got 2016 rings, a new coach at Nassau, big upcoming games, what Genesee brings back, sweet gear, and last week's preseason poll post.
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