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What it’s REALLY about! Lake Placid Summit Youth Classic Does it Right

Lake Placid Youth Summit Classic 2017 LaxAllStars Mark Donahue

Summer time is here, and with the warm weather comes the best times of the year. Summer lacrosse is how a lot of us spent our younger years – going to a tournament or two every month, a couple practices in the hazy heat every week. Truth be told I don’t remember EVERY camp, EVERY […]

High Peaks Summit Classic is BACK for Second Year in Lake Placid

High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017

Last year we saw the debut of the High Peaks Summit Classic. This addition to the Summit Lacrosse Ventures’ offerings is a way of building up Lake Placid as a lacrosse destination for more than just one week every year, and we love it. Year two will be held this weekend, June 23 and 24 […]