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Domink Pesek LCC Radotin
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Box Lacrosse From Prague – Finals Video

I’ve finally loaded up the last video from my trip to Radotin in the Czech Republic for the Ales Hrebesky Memorial box lacrosse tournament and it’s another killer set of Euro box lacrosse highlights.

The final video features play off games and action from Saturday, where the semis and finals were held.  The host team, LCC Radotin, knocked off a tough Novia Scotia Privateers squad in an epic battle for one of the final spots, and the Megamen out of Boston knocked of LC Jizni Mesto (another very strong Czech club) to take the other final spot.

The finals saw the Megamen convert early and often, and LCC Radotin just couldn’t quite make the comeback they needed to.  Basically, the Megemen came out flying, and scoring at a rate that hadn’t really been seen over the course of the tourney.  When it rains it pours!  But the final was still excellent lacrosse, intense, and very exciting.  The home crowd was incredibly supportive of both teams (although the majority of the cheering was for Radotin!) and the atmosphere was that of a legitimate, big time lacrosse game.

The Megamen were led by Andrew Wasik and Jamie Plunket on offense and anchored by their goalie, Scotty Komer, on defense, who played lights out lacrosse in the final.  The Megamen played real team lacrosse as well, and everyone embraced their role on the team to the fullest.  LCC Radotin also plays team lacrosse, and I just love watching their offense go to work. Their passing is precise and they shoot very well off the catch.

Dominik Pesek (who played at the Hill Academy last year) is the real deal, and only 19 years old.  He is #29 on Radotin, and word on the streets of Prague is that he is interested in playing US college lacrosse.  Whoever winds up with this guy on their roster is going to be a very happy coach.  He’s got a killer instinct and just has the look of a winner.  He’d be the first Czech player that I know of to really play college lax in the States, but if he sees the success I think he could, it’s unlikely he’ll be the last!

Many of the Radotin players, and Czech players overall, are still quite young.  So I’m calling it right now… we’ve seen a Canadian Invasion in the college ranks, and a Czech Pipeline is up next.  My advice to the US college coaches is to get in on this early.  My advice to the Czech players is to keep their grades up in school!  If both of these things happen, my prediction could come true in a matter of two or three years.

Domink Pesek LCC Radotin
Pesek at work for LCC Radotin.

Photo Credit Josef Štépán.  Check out his Facebook page and LIKE it!

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Next up will be a FULL recap of the tournament, and the tournament review.  This tourney will get rated on a scale of 1-10, and I think you’re going to be interested by the score that the Ales Hrebesky Memorial receives!