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In Case You Missed It: Weekly Lacrosse Recap!

This weekend’s lacrosse action is extremely promising!  Hop – Towson will be on ESPNU at 5pm on Friday, and then OSU – Denver AND Navy – Jacksonville will air on Sunday starting at 2pm EST on NBCSports.  Big time college lax games on TV?  Yes, please.  For a full preview of the weekend’s action, make sure to check out the College Lacrosse Weekend Preview.

For some inspiring and intelligent talk on being a captain, check out the ArtOfLax‘s post on Lessons In Building & Leading A Lacrosse Team.  Want more team building posts?  Check out our post on Youth Lacrosse & Disappointment!

And now we get to the broad-raning topics of the week!  Enjoy all that the lacrosse world has to offer online!

College Lacrosse:

Tom from 24SevenLax fills us in on why the initial watch list for the Tewaraaton is suspect.  The Boston University model for D1 growth.  Game Photos: UMass vs Army.  plus video!  Brown State Blogging: The Lacrosse House.  FSU hosts Southern Shootout.   Minnesota Preview.  Simon Fraser games to be broadcast online.  Wesleyan Lacrosse faces Judgment Day, comes out alive and ready to play in 2012.  NESCAC should be GREAT this year.

SELC D1 Power Rankings.  SELC D2 Power Rankings.  Occidental College Lacrosse in 1971.  Florida sneaks by PBAU 11-7.  Thul notches his 100th point at Army.  UMD gets rolling.  SELC D2 – What did we learn?  SELC D1 – What did we learn?  BYU heads to California.  UCLA – San Diego Film.  PSU – UNC game review and D1 college lacrosse video highlights.  BYU – Simon Fraser photos.  BU goes D1. Boise State – Simon Fraser photos.  Wait, BOISE STATE WON? wow.  NY Times cares about Michigan Lacrosse.  Checking in with Bama.  Iowa – Wisconsin photos. Boise – BYU photos.

Fun Stuff! Photo of the Week is just straight tucking in goals.  New Orleans is fun!  Mardi Gras is fun!  Video highlights from the Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament are fun too!  STX Auction to benefit Thai flood victims!  The flooding wasn’t fun at all, but the chance to help out buy bidding on lacrosse gear is.

MCLAFan Photo of the Week is new and awesome!  FULL review of the Mardi Gras Lacrosse Tournament.  Lacrosse in snow covered Italy?  Don’t mind if I do.  Get involved with CityLax in New York City!  This is a groups that Grows The Game like few others!  Thailand announces their initial roster!

Has chrome gone way too far?  Big weekend on the Blue!  Ducks feed Ducks.  RL Burnside has a song called “That Mother#%&@er Stole My Check”.  Check out Music Monday for more.  Mardi Gras Tourney – Photo Blog. MLL trades.  Who wants to do the American Revolution in Europe?  Looks fun.  Lots of techno.

Killer Interviews:

Ryan Powell interviews Brett Hughes, and they both let it rip.  Krieg Shaw sits down with Chris Davis of Warrior to talk sneakers and design.


New Oregon Uniforms!  Free shipping in February from Lacrosse Panda.  The season is right around the corner.  What do you still need?  Mountain Lakes will be wearing ONE ORANGE GLOVE and ONE WHITE GLOVE.  Seriously.  Punky Brewster style.  Elevation Sublimation.  ZimaGear Electricity.  Warrior Bushido shoe gets tested.  Passes.

THIS is the real Stevenson helmet.  Wild.  Oregon State‘s new lid is also wild.  Hobart gets gear.  But in a different way. Are compression shorts the next big swag item?  Nike goes Crimson, Indiana rejoices.  Iowa State Cloud looks good.  Singapore and Hong Kong HeadWrapz.  Reversible jealousy?  You call that a shirt?

Under Armour news isn’t ALL bad!  Right now they’re invading the MCLA in a big, and sometimes surprising, way!  UA Head Review as well.  Not bad for a first year head! And then there were these UA cleats.  Dear God.  At least we know what happened to Jimmy Choo.

And then we get to one mamajama of a “gear” post from Iowa Lacrosse Is Paul Gait Cursed?  An interesting take for sure!  Well worth a read and a comment!

And on an NLL note, check out some story lines from InLaxWeTrust.  Not to shabby!

Winner winner, Boise State is excited!