lyle thompson box lacrosse highlights
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Lyle Thompson Box Lacrosse Highlights

The world deserves some Lyle Thompson box lacrosse highlights, and now the world has it.

After Lyle Thompson was named to the official 2015 All-WILC team, and the WILC team, after he took home a silver medal, and was then drafted in the first round of the NLL’s 2015 draft, it only seems fair that people get the chance to see him perform in a box lacrosse highlight tape. So we made one. We didn’t go in to the 2015 WILC with the intention of making this video, but some of the stuff we caught on tape was just too good not to share with everyone.

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There is a huge mix of content in the video below, and it’s far from just goals. Watch Lyle pass, set picks, score goals, drop assists, back check, handle the ball in tight, flip his braid, and even get stoned in tight by some top quality NLL goalies! I wanted to show people his overall game, so that means more than just diving goals and outside rips!

Lyle Thompson Box Lacrosse Highlights

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Lyle Thompson Box Lacrosse Highlights – LYLE DOES BOX”]

Yes, Lyle did use two different sticks during this tourney, and in these Lyle Thompson box lacrosse highlights. Same thing, really. Early on it was the yellow head, and then he switched to an all black look… but more importantly, it was how he used those sticks! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy just watching him spin around as he dodges. That’s almost enough!

If you want to compare his game in the box to his game on the field, watch the video below. It’s a pretty good summation of Lyle’s field game, kind of like the above video shows off his box skills, which are numerous!

[fvplayer src=””]

We hope you enjoyed our Lyle Thompson box lacrosse highlights! It was a pleasure watching Lyle (and all three of his brothers) and the Iroquois Nationals, play all week up on Onondaga Nation. They play HARD, but with thought and a creative flair. It’s a beautiful game, and we were thankful to be there to see it in person. Now you can watch it forever, on video!

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