NCAA Week 7 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

LaxCots lacrosse cartoon Jim Fenzel

What a strange, strange week. This week was loaded with upsets, lopsided victories, and many people left scratching their heads. It also makes a perfectly ordered top 20 poll nearly impossible

NCAA Week 6 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

NCAA Week 6 - Is this poll SERIOUS?!?! Jim Fenzel LaxCot

Usually, the top 20 teams are relatively easy to figure out, with some tough decisions around 20. Right now, it’s not clear at all. I was talking to one fellow voter about this difficult situation, and they summed it up nicely. You’re forced to rate volume of wins against strength of schedule.

NCAA Week 5 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

Is This Poll Serious Week 5 Lax Cartoon Jim Fenzel

Week 5, what have you done?! Sure, we all had a good feeling about UAlbany staying on top of the poll, but what about the Buckeyes and Tar Heels. Did anyone see that coming?


week 4 lacrosse cartoon this poll

Last week was for upsets, and this week was for close games and relative stability. Most of my Top 20 teams won. Of those that did lose, most lost to other top 20 teams, with few exceptions. That actually made my personal rankings pretty easy for this poll from Week 4.

Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 1

Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 1

Welcome to the 2018 first edition of “Is This Poll Serious?!?!” Ryan Conwell has taken over these duties from Connor, but Ryan is still questioning decisions (sometimes his own!) and providing great insight into how an NCAA Media Pollster counts his eggs.

2018 Lacrosse Mascots – Laxcots Now Available!

jim fenzel lacrosse cartoon laxcots

Jim Fenzel did a series of amazing lacrosse cartoons last season, and he wants to keep it going this year. In order to do this, he needs some funding, but instead of just asking you for money, he’s offering up a very trade, where you end up with an amazing collection of lacrosse mascots, which you can stick ANYWHERE!

Back to the Mountain – D1 Lacrosse Cartoon

Back to the Mountain - D1 Lacrosse Cartoon

It’s that time of the year that we’ve all been waiting for! We hit the mid-May mark and that means it’s time for the NCAA D1 playoffs. This season was basically a giant game of King of the Hill, which adds up to mean the selection process was going to be a fiasco. Well, it was. […]

D3 Lacrosse Cartoon – BONUS!

We’ve got a BONUS D3 lacrosse cartoon this week from Jim Fenzel where certain mascots are falling from the sky and others are making like Fred Astair