Another Day In Paradise

Trevor Baptiste - Paradise Music Playlist

A couple of months ago, I took a trip to Waikiki for a lacrosse tournament and needed some chill music to listen to every day in paradise. I ended up putting this playlist together featuring Khalid, Bob Marley, Aer, Jack Johnson, and more. I played for Antikis Elite at the tournament in Hawaii (A.K.A. Paradise). […]

Best Songs Before I Was Born

TB9 best songs from before I was born

This week I was tasked to bring you the best songs from a time when things were a little bit easier. I was born in 1996, so any time before that seemed reasonable to me. Life certainly hasn’t been easy for anyone since I entered this world! I focused on the best songs when it comes […]

Electronic Music

Electronic music playlist

Editor’s note: We featured Trevor Baptiste in the artwork accompanied by last week’s Fly Music playlist because he was instrumental in helping us put it together. Now Trevor has taken it upon himself to hit you with a full playlist of Electronic music! So, what exactly is electronic music, anyway? Here’s the official lowdown from […]

Fly Music

fly music playlist

If you want to be a professional lacrosse player, it’s worth considering an often unspoken requirement of the job: You have to be willing to fly. The ability to travel is just as important as your willingness to workout and improve your skills. Traveling across the country all the time isn’t easy. It can be […]

Shelter Without Walls EP Released

mike powell - shelter without walls EP

Editor’s note: On Friday, October 5, Mike Powell released a 6-song stripped digital EP called “Shelter Without Walls.” The EP includes three songs that have become mainstays in Mike’s solo sets along with three brand new tunes. Click play below or select a platform to start listening now: Spotify   Apple Music

Twenty One Rounds

Mike Powell: Twenty One Rounds - Acoustic Guitar Project

Mike Powell stops by to share a song he recently wrote for the Acoustic Guitar Project.

Music Monday: Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett Music

I’m willing to bet most of you have heard of the Chicago youngster Chance the Rapper (Chancellor Bennett). While Chance’s mixtape Acid Rap received plenty of praise, his brother Taylor Bennett was overshadowed.

Music Monday: Goon Hand 2

Baer C00n the Ewokk

After a brief hiatus from Music Monday I’m back with a treat for you! Desmond Bailey aka Baer C00n The Ewokk’s Goon Hand 2. You may remember us mentioning Des in an October edition of End Caps. For those of you just hearing of Baer Coon for the first time, Bailey is a goalie for the Chicago Outlaws, a semi-pro box team which plays in the CILL. Des’ colorful and eccentric nature makes for a great character in the cage and on the mic.

Music Monday: Current Swell

Current-Swell band press photo

Spring is so close here in New England I can almost smell it! West coast readers, get outside on your Monday afternoon and enjoy what you’ve got. In order to nudge the warm sun and good vibes to come our way, I’m delivering some excellent laying back/hammock/beach music for this week’s Music Monday. I introduce to you, Current Swell!