2018 MLL Supplemental Draft Overdue Review

May 6, 2017; Columbus, OH, USA; Rochester Rattlers @ Ohio Machine at Obetz Fortress Field.

On Wednesday, January 17th we got the 2018 MLL Supplemental Draft. This draft odd. Other leagues don’t have one. Teams don’t make huge blockbuster trades to improve their draft standing. So what’s the point? Ryan’s got answers.

MLL Supplemental Draft – Names & Grades

Below you can find each Major League Lacrosse franchise’s supplemental draft picks for 2013. The biggest names in the game might not be involved in this draft, but this is where teams fill holes and build strong foundations. So pay attention… it’s important!

MLL Supplemental Draft Musings

Connor Wilson steps in with the interesting picks from the recent MLL Supplemental Draft. This is one of those drafts that can leave you scratching your head, but it will all make sense soon. We promise.