Win the Winter Break!

The month of December represents so much for so many. It’s the holidays, it’s the end of the year, and it’s a period to relax a little bit. For colleges, this is a period where institutions shut down for a period and students go home. The time between fall and spring semesters represents a critical […]

College Closures and Lacrosse

In the dynamic realm of collegiate athletics, the closure of colleges and universities has become a poignant reality, casting profound implications on the vibrant tapestry of college lacrosse. We have seen this in recent years and there is no sign of it slowing down. These closures, stemming from multifaceted challenges, reverberate far beyond the halls […]

Dissecting the 1-4-1

Boston Terriers defeat No. 2 Loyola Greyhounds

This weeks coaches corner is going to talk about one of the most used offenses in lacrosse, the 1-4-1. This is an offense used at various levels. It is often used as a type of Zone Buster, since there are two players inside on the crease. It is also used because it forces defenses to […]

The St. James Launches Collegiate Lacrosse Transfer Portal Events

Springfield, VA (May 4, 2023) – The St. James is proud to announce a series of new events aimed at college athletes who enter the transfer portal. These events are designed to provide high-level coaching from non-NCAA coaches and game play that can then be shared with coaches for an up-to-date measure of the individual’s […]

What is Lacrosse Recruiting Academy?

lacrosse recruiting academy

Have you ever asked any of the following questions when it comes to the college lacrosse recruitment process? Can my child play college lacrosse? How do we start the college lacrosse recruiting process? Where do you begin? What should we know about the college recruiting process? How do you become recognized by college lacrosse coaches? […]

Chuck Wilbur, OCC Lacrosse: Going Offsides

Chuck Wilbur OCC Going Offsides

On this week’s Going Offsides podcast, Nick sat down with legendary junior college coach Chuck Wilbur of Onondaga Community College. CHUCK WILBUR, OCC LACROSSE Who is Chuck Wilbur? After 17 years as the OCC lacrosse coach, Chuck Wilbur moved to the role of retention coordinator at OCC in 2018. During his time as head coach, […]

Why JUCO Lacrosse Could Be Right for You

Junior college JUCO lacrosse

If you haven’t been paying attention to LAS lately, we’ve been working to spotlight as many levels of lacrosse as we can. In today’s article, we’re showing junior college (JUCO) lacrosse some love. I could try to explain the value of JUCO lacrosse and everything that goes into it, but I wouldn’t do it justice. […]

Tyson Bell Went From Being Tutored to Tutoring

Tyson Bell

Tyson Bell intended to play at Syracuse. When he was finishing his high school days at Everest Academy, a number of colleges came calling for his lacrosse services. Syracuse was one of those schools. Syracuse eventually joined a long list of programs to send an invitation to the product of St. Catharines, Ontario, and it […]

Tyson Bell Player Profile – NJCAA & NLL Champ

Tyson Bell NLL Week 5 Vancouver Stealth vs Calgary Roughnecks Photo Credit: Candice Ward

Tyson Bell was drafted No. 24 overall in the second round of the 2015 NLL Draft by the Calgary Roughnecks after spending two years at Onondaga Community College. He played for the Roughnecks for five seasons, winning the 2019 NLL Championship with the team, before being dealt to the Halifax Thunderbirds last summer. This is […]

Junior College Report: April Madness Approaches

This is usually the point in the NJCAA season where teams have settled into their spots, and we can pretty much tell who is going to be around and competing in the latter stages of the season. I say usually because there have been plenty of surprises in the past, and 2019 is looking like […]