Which One Hand Goal Was Better?

John Grant Jr. NLL Behind the Back One Handed Bounce Goal one hand goal

Which one hand goal was better? This is question that burns like an eternal flame in my mind, and I NEED to know which goal is better. Yes, they are obviously both amazing, but one has to be better than the other, right?

Behind the Back Shooting

Behind the Back with Trilogy

There is a time and place to use a behind the back pass or shot. I use it very rarely, but am comfortable using it when I need to because I work on constantly.

Stick Trick Saturday: Behind the Back Stalls

Stick Trick Saturday: Behind the Back Stalls

Colton Raichl of Lacrosse All Stars is breaking down Behind the Back stalls for this week’s take on Stick Trick Saturday (02/08/2014).

The series is designed to be an inspirational guide for lacrosse players to get used to the properties of their own stick. Tricks are not just to show off but to develop a better relationship between the player and his crosse.

Ever Seen A Behind The Back Face Off?

Stephen Cuccurullo of the Tenacious Turtles wins a face off clamp, pulls the ball out with one hand, and goes behind his back to keep possession. I am pretty sure I couldn’t do that! The ref is in the way, but the video should be slow enough where you can see the action. Pretty insane stuff from a kid who is still quite a few years away from playing in college.

Mikey Stolzenberg Goes Behind The Back

Mikey Stolzenberg’s story took the lacrosse world by storm last year. When people learned there was a 13 year old quadruple amputee playing lacrosse they were impressed. When they saw him play, and score a couple goals, they were amazed. Well, it doesn’t stop there because Stolzenberg is still at it, and he’s still wowing people left and right.

Teaser Video: Behind The Back Summer Bender

Colton Raichl was out in Bend, Oregon for the Summer Bender, and will have a tourney recap and full highlight video up tomorrow. For now, enjoy this excellent Behind The Back effort, coming at you from Bend, OR.

Behind The Back SportsCenter Top 10

Joe Walters scored a behind the back goal off a behind the back feed from Jordan MacIntosh. It’s an All-Star highlight, and exactly what one would expect from some of the world’s best.

Zach Palmer’s Play Of The Week

Princeton vs. Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse 20

Zach Palmer led Johns Hopkins in points and assists last season, but he gained serious attention with a series of highlight-reel goals that landed him on Sportscenter’s Top Plays.

Lacrosse Video Explosion

Welcome to another Lacrosse Video Explosion! We find the best lacrosse video the online world has to offer, and we put it all in one place, just for you.

SICK Canada Lacrosse Goal – Duel in Denver!


Check out this beautiful, and prototypical, Canadian goal from the Duel in Denver! Jordan Macintosh to John Grant Jr, who goes behind the back to Jordan McBride, who finishes on the crease. SICK.