Lax Out Loud: Scoop and Chase

Lax Out Loud: Scoop and Chase

Lacrosse pro Chris “OD” O’Dougherty breaks down a fun variation of a 1-on-1 drill he calls “Scoop and Chase”!

Mastering The Indian Pick Up


I caught up with Mitch Belisle in Fort Greene Park (located in Brooklyn, NY) and we got to talking about off season training and things that kids could do to improve their game. A simple way of working on stick skills, wrist strength, ball awareness and overall ground ball skill is by practicing the Indian Pick Up aka a quick stick pick up.

Goosing The Ball

Goosing a lacrosse ball with Trilogy and Joe Moore

In order to keep the ball in-bounds and to give my team a better chance of gaining possession, I added the “Goose” to my skill set. This is a very simple but effective skill to add to your repertoire.

Ground Balls With A Long Stick

Scooping up groundballs with a pole is becoming more and more important at every level of the game. Effectively throwing takeaway checks is ultimately ineffective if you cannot then pick the ball up and push transition.

Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp: Olympia, Day 1

LAS recently got the opportunity to jump on board with Xcelerate Lacrosse Camps for one of their last camps of the summer in Olympia, WA. Here’s day 1 for you!