Growing The Game at Lake Tahoe

Growing the game at Lake Tahoe

LaxAllStars will be on site this weekend at the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic, and we can’t wait to see some of you there! Learn more about it here.

The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: SOUTHWEST

Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: Southwest

Over the next few days, we’re shedding light on the best summer lacrosse tournaments in each region of the United States. We’ll break down the details of each tournament and tell you what you need to know. Next up: SOUTHWEST.

Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Video: Was It In?

Krieg Shaw and Kevin Rowen were both playing in the men’s division at the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament two weekends ago, and Kevin captured some pretty solid iPhone video from the action.

We Can’t Stop: 15 Ways LAS Rocked Tahoe 2013

Cassie Brunelle and Co. took on the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament last weekend, and while they didn’t emerge as champions, they definitely emerged as WINNERS! Fun times on the Lake. It’s Summer lacrosse in Nevada!

Tahoe 2013: Tropics Make It A 3-Peat

Tahoe Lacrosse 2013

Last weekend I played in my first ever Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, and it was a blast! While my team went 2-2 on the weekend, Krieg’s team advanced to the quarterfinals, losing by one goal to eventual runner-up Dub C. Dub C was taken down by a score of 9-8 in the finals by the Adrenaline Tropics, who’s 2013 title gave the club three Tahoe championships in a row.

What The “Bleep” Was Old School Doing At Tahoe?

David Wagner embraces the title of Old School, and it doesn’t stop him from taking on younger hot shots at the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament. Should Tahoe add a Master’s division? Check out those bruises!

The Tahoe Experience: Nick Widmer

Nick Widmer

Although the 2012 Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is over, the experience will live on forever. Nick Widmer, goalie for Team LAS, stops by to tell us all about his experience playing with the team.

Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Day 3


Day THREE of the Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is about to kick off! It’s the Final day of the tournament, Champions will be decided and there is a lot more lacrosse to be played!