Poolside with Lacrosse All Stars

Nothing like wet mesh and sidewall stalls. Mason Powell chills poolside in Reno, Nevada, on a beautiful sunny day.

Stick Trick Saturday: The Pyramid

Can you complete the hardest Stick Trick Saturday maneuver to-date? It’s called The Pyramid and we had to run down Kaleb Manes to get it on film!

Stick Trick Saturday: Hula Hoop

Stick Trick Saturday- Hula Hoop

This week’s stick trick we are labeling the Hula Hoop for obvious reasons, the stick goes in a full 360 rotation around our hips! Let’s try it out together!

Stick Trick Saturday: Danger Zone

Stick Trick Saturday: Danger Zone

This week we try a stick trick from LaxAllStars reader Kaleb Manes. I labeled this one the Danger Zone because it can teach you a nasty lesson!