The 5 Best Lacrosse Drills to Make You Better

best lacrosse drills

I wouldn’t be the player I am today without years and years of practice. What you see on the field couldn’t be possible without countless hours of work away from the cameras and stands. Over time, I’ve honed in one what I think are the best lacrosse drills to improve as a player. It’s not […]

Greg Gurenlian – Training for Lacrosse

This week, we welcomed faceoff guru, fitness beast, and all around good guy Greg Gurenlian. Every single time we ask one of these current or former PLL guys to be on the show, they immediately say yes, and not only do they say yes, they come ready to talk. Some of the topics you can […]

Up Your Game: The Fearless Mind

New York Lizards vs. Charlotte Hounds 6.21.14 Photo Credit: Casey Kermes

“Up Your Game” is a new series of articles for every lacrosse player who wants to gain the mental edge, and play the game with greater concentration, composure and confidence.

Lax Out Loud: B.O.M.B. Drill

Lax Out Loud: B.O.M.B. Drill

This new episode of Lax Out Loud features Denver Outlaws midfielder Drew Snider teaching offensive movement and communication through the B.O.M.B. Drill.

Lax Out Loud: Bump and Shed

Lax Out Loud: Bump & Shed

Bump and Shed taught by lacrosse all-star Drew Snider, teaches how to master unbalanced situations by communicating with your fellow defensemen.

Lax Out Loud: Snider Shuffle

Lax Out Loud: Snider Shuffle

Get your feet moving with Major League Lacrosse All-Star Drew Snider as he introduces a shuffle drill for improving communication and speed on the field!