Wall Ball Drills That Will Make You Better

lacrosse wall ball drills

It sounds cliché, but it’s the golden rule in lacrosse: hit the wall. We’ve all heard it from our first practice as children to our angry college coaches who saw us drop one too many passes: HIT. THE. WALL. So, you’ll want to know some lacrosse wall ball drills. I’ve assembled five great videos to […]

Wall Ball Drill: Off-Hip Variation

wall ball drill: off-hip variation

I originally shared this wall ball drill on the LaxGoalieNetwork Instagram account, but I think the “off-hip variation” should be of interest to all players! Prepare to miss a few catches as you get started… 🪓 Off-Hip Wall-Ball Drill Variation. 📖 This Drill can help isolate the Bottom Hand & Elbow Motions on your Off-Side […]

World Lacrosse Wall Ball Contest

world lacrosse logo

World Lacrosse invites lacrosse players from across the globe to showcase the very best of their lacrosse skills, creativity and finesse in this international wall ball contest! Contest ends on April 3, 2020. Make sure to follow the rules below for your opportunity to win a Harrow apparel and gear pack. Creativity is highly encouraged! […]

The Walls I Grew Up On

Walls I grew up on in Maplewood, New Jersey

You hear about ‘wall ball’ often in the lacrosse community. ‘Hit the wall’, ‘Get on the walls’, or ’50 repetitions with your left and 50 repetitions with your right’ and so on. As cliche as it all sounds, there is something to be said about being a young kid and hitting the wall. I know […]


SHOW US YOUR WALL - Snypr Wallball App

SHOW US YOUR WALL! We’re creating a Global Wall Database. Submit your favorite wall(s) today!

Wall Ball with Marcus Holman

Wall Ball with Marcus Holman

Team USA and Ohio Machine Attackman, Marcus Holman shows us his wall ball routine and explains how it’s helped him improve.

Improve Your Game with Wall Ball

Wall Ball is the easiest way to improve your stick work in a short amount of time. Develop good habits with proper technique. Shoulders turned, feet moving, arms back and away from your body.