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TOLH: Superlight II by Brine Lacrosse

The Superlight II or SL2, by Brine Lacrosse, is a superb old lacrosse head. It’s narrow, strings up nicely, and has some cool “extra” features to it. Like the D80, it doesn’t have holes at the bottom of the pocket area, and instead has circular holes for leathers or mesh down where the head connects to the shaft. It’s not uncommon on older heads, but it’s a neat feature to see today. It also has “teeth”, which host the sidewall holes, and they make the pocket more narrow than the head itself, whichs is also cool to see on an older head.

For its time, the Superlight II was really one of the most advanced heads on the market. It was narrow, had some cool tech to it, and was a favorite amongst offensive players everywhere.

In fact, the SL2 was so popular that Brine tried to bring it back as an offset head. I had one, gave it away, and now I regret it forever. I want to get my hands on one of those offset modern Superlights so badly! Not great for play, but I mostly just coach now, and I’d love it for that! Total killer head. But back to the old Superlight II…

TOLH: Brine Superlight II

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Next week I’ll be fixing up another old lacrosse head (probably not another Brine D80 though) and fixing up the pocket, then giving it back to CityLax. What head will I fix up? What head do YOUwant to see me fix up? The choices are endless, so speak up and let me know what you want to see!