The Ultimate Lacrosse Shafts Buyers Guide 2021-22

the ultimate lacrosse shafts buyers guide 2021-22

Are you looking to get a new lacrosse shaft for your gamer or maybe just looking to add to the collection? Are there too many good choices to choose from on the market today? No matter your situation, I have you covered with more information on many of the latest handle releases. Because of how […]

The Ultimate Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Buyers Guide 2021-22

the ultiimate lacrosse shoulder pads buyers guide 2021-22

While this may not be the longest or most product-packed buyers guide, shoulder pads are the most important piece of gear for your safety this upcoming lacrosse season. Under the new shoulder pad ruling, players across levels (including college lacrosse) will be required to wear shoulder pads with the new NOCSAE ND200 approval in order […]

The Ultimate Lacrosse Heads Buyers Guide 2021-22

lacrosse heads buyers guide 2021-22

Lacrosse gear is constantly changing. However, the one piece of gear that seems to change and develop the fastest is heads, with their newest releases and versions dropping yearly if not more often. This can be hard to keep up with or stay in tune with what head will be best for your game. Lucky […]

What’s It Like to Play NAIA Lacrosse?

Play NAIA Lacrosse

Have you ever wondered what NAIA lacrosse is really like? Do you want to know if playing NAIA lacrosse is for you? Is this the first time you’re hearing about the NAIA? The good news is that I’m here to give you an insider’s perspective of NAIA lacrosse from what the level of play is […]

My Cousin Stole My Style

Tyson Bell shares his style guide, which is similar to his cousin's, Latrell Harris. But his little cousin copied him, and you should know.

My cousin, Latrell Harris, shared his style guide with Lax All Stars recently, and we dress pretty similarly. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I would like the record to show that he copies me, though, not the other way around. I’m older; I did it first. The most important […]

Tracksuits, Joggers & Long Sleeves – My Guide to Style

Latrell Harris tracksuits

I don’t have a picky style. I’m not much of a formal person. You won’t usually see me in something with a collar or buttons. My style is about comfort first and foremost, and you can get that easier with other kinds of clothes. That does not mean I never clean up, though. When duty […]

MLL Gear Explosion: How COVID Opened the Floodgates

MLL gear Philadelphia Barrage Denver Outlaws Major League Lacrosse 2020 photo: Pretty Instant / MLL

There’s a lacrosse free-for-all in the MLL gear market, and it seems to be flying under the radar. For the first time in the 20 year history of Major League Lacrosse, athletes can use just about whatever equipment they want. In recent years, the MLL opened the door to partnerships with manufacturers aside from Warrior […]

Alpha Huarache 7 Cleats by Nike

nike alpha huarache 7 cleats

Earlier this year, Nike sent over a brand new pair of their Alpha Huarache 7 Pro lacrosse cleats, and seeing as the Swoosh has long crafted top notch footwear, I was obviously excited. My current cleats are a more basic pair of Nike lows, and while I really like them, I’m always excited to see […]

Nike Joins WPLL to Propel Professional Women’s Lacrosse

Nike Joins WPLL to Propel Professional Women's Lacrosse

WPLL and Nike announce multi-year partnership Pennington, NJ (May 8, 2020) — The Women’s Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL) today announced a multi-year partnership with Nike to make the iconic apparel company the official athletic apparel partner and athletic footwear partner of the WPLL. Nike, now a “Champion” sponsor of the league, marks a new era […]

The Story of Air Max: 90 to 2090

“The Story of Air Max: 90 to 2090” tells the story of the shoes’ rule-breaking ethos and universal impact on sneaker culture. Shop now at  

Last Minute Lacrosse Gift Ideas!

last minute lacrosse gift ideas

Hardcore lacrosse players tend to love new gear, but there are a ton of options out there to choose from and it’s not easy to make a decision – especially if you’re shopping for someone else. Today we’re presenting you with our top ten last minute lacrosse gift ideas as a way to assist! 10. BUY […]