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LASNAI: Schedule, Update, Sponsors!

The LASNAI is heating up, and with less than two weeks to go, it’s time to announce the LASNAI schedule set up, provide some important updates, and talk about our amazing event sponsors. Without them, this tourney doesn’t come together in such an amazing way!

Read on for a full preview of the tourney set up, and how it’s all going down at the Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse (formerly known as the Pavilion at the WILC), from September 29th through October 1st.

LASNAI Schedule Set Up

With a relatively short entry window, we wanted to ensure that the quality of play would be high, but also that we had representation from all over. With our impressive line up of teams, we’ve done just that. We have teams from the US, Canada, Iroquois Nations, Israel, Jamaica, and the Czech Republic. We also have 7 teams that have been recent champions of their leagues, and a couple of teams that could win a league if they played in one! We have loads of NLL, Mann Cup, and international team players participating. It’s going to be lit!!!!

Frank Menschner Cup Dominik Pesek LASNAI schedule
Photo Credit: Martin Bouda –

Now it’s time to show you how they will all line up!

Once all the teams have been announced, we will host a random draw to assign the Preliminary Game placements for all of teams. Each team will play two Preliminary Games. There will be no tie games. Games tied at the end of regulation will be settled by a sudden victory period. Play continues until someone scores! These results will create a tiered ranking system for the playoffs.

These Preliminary Games will be played on Thursday, September 29th, starting no earlier than 1030am. Games will be done around 10 or 11pm. The last two Preliminary Games will be played on Friday morning, starting no earlier than 1030am.

From these results, teams will enter a playoff bracket, and EVERY team qualifies for the playoffs. The Play-In Games will be played starting on Friday in the early afternoon. The winners will go on to the Quarterfinals, which will be played on Friday night, in what should be a packed Onondaga Nation Fieldhouse. Those are going to be four amazing games!

On Saturday morning, we will kick things off with the lower bracket teams, and work our way up through multiple sets of semifinal games, leading up to the final four in the early afternoon. From there, we take in a furious set of final games starting the late afternoon/evening, and work our way up to the championship game on Saturday night. It should all wrap up around 10pm, with a champion crowned!

The all-important RULES are a little lower down in the post.

Big Sponsor News – LaxChat!

We want to welcome aboard our biggest sponsor so far in LaxChat!

LaxChat is a user-friendly, brand spanking new social media app that is focused on lacrosse, and nothing but lacrosse. LaxChat offers up a number of different forum topics and when you post something in the forum, EVERYONE can see it, which is pretty cool! When you see something that interests you, you can “grab” it, and it shows up on your profile. Now you can go back to easily find that pocket you want to replicate, continue a conversation with a friend, or remind yourself to pick up that new head you just saw for the first time.

For now it’s a little less about how many followers you have, and more about finding the content that YOU find interesting. Having messed around with it for a couple days now, we’re seeing real potential here and great way to stay connected.


LAS will be sharing all sorts of content from the LASNAI account on LaxChat, so sign up, get on board, and check out a specialized home for all the lacrosse content you want, and none of the ads for stuff you don’t need. Props to Justin Otto for designing this new resource and for coming to play in the tourney. We’re enjoying it already!

MORE Sponsors!

We also want to welcome Traditional Lacrosse to our roster of sponsors! The guys over at Traditional Lacrosse are hooking us up with some pretty amazing items, and are supporting the tourney as a vendor. We can’t wait to show you what they’re cooking up for us!

lacrosse coach gifts
An example of the awesome work they do!

And just when you thought Uncommon Fit was done, they’re back doing more! Our custom tournament polos, referee shirts, AND our 12 tournament all-star jerseys (first and second teams of six players) will all be made by Uncommon Fit, and we can’t wait to show this stuff off (and wear it!). UcFit will also be on site, and selling tournament apparel and their own custom gear, so make sure to check them out when you’re at the arena. I’m just assuming that you’re coming. Why wouldn’t you?


Quiet Storm Custom Wraps is our final sponsor that we’re announcing right now, and these guys are doing dasher board ads and some banner work, and they do a great job! They will also be on hand selling their beautifully custom painted and chromed face masks. You want one of these. Heck, I want ten! We’re thrilled to have these guys on board, they make great, tough stuff! Check out the awesome helmet wrap they did for us! Their helmet wraps are tough, and the designs are LIVE!

box helmet quiet storm customs laxallstars lasnai

LASNAI Game Set Up and Rules

Official international box lacrosse (FIL) rules are being used, with shortened playing time and penalties. The LASNAI adjustments are based heavily on the Ales Hrebesky rule and tournament system, with some small tweaks due to our size and location.

Our tourney’s set up is a distinct nod to the success of LCC Radotín’s tournament, and the fast and furious pace of play which it helps foster.

● Playing Time: 2x 15 minutes running time. During the last 2 minutes of every match the time is stopped with the whistle. The breaks between periods are 2 minutes. Semifinal Games – 3x 12 minutes running time, the breaks between periods are 2 minutes. Championship Game – 3x 12 mins stopped time, the breaks between periods are 5 minutes.
● In the event of a tie score at the end of the game, a single sudden victory period will be played. Sudden victory, no timeouts, play until we have a winner. First goal wins. If somehow, both teams fail to score a goal in 15 minutes of overtime, a one-round shootout will proceed (each team will be awarded one penalty shot) until the game is resolved.
● Shot limit is 30 seconds, clear-up limit is 10 seconds.
● Penalties: A minor penalty 1 min. for personal fouls (cross-checking, tripping, slashing, holding etc.), a major penalty 3 mins for dangerous fouls (charging into the boards, butt-ending attempt etc.).
● Number of players for each game: 20 incl. goalies, number of players in team for the tournament is not limited. A player can play only for one team in the tournament.
● Coincidental minor/major penalties: when coincidental minor penalties or coincidental major penalties of equal duration are imposed against players of both teams, the penalized players shall all take their places in the penalty box and teams shall play 5 on 5. Such penalized players should not leave the penalty box until the first non technical stoppage of play following the expiry of their respective penalties.
● A Match Penalty involves the suspension of the player for the balance of the game and the offended shall be ordered to the dressing room immediately. The “in home” player is to replace the penalized player for the full three minutes of playing time regardless of the number of goals scored. A player incurring a Match Penalty shall automatically receive a game suspension. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to expel such a player from the tournament.
● Fighting is not condoned in any form. All fighting will result in a major penalty, a game misconduct and immediate expulsion from the tournament.
● Time-outs: each team shall be allowed a maximum of one 30 sec. time-out per game.
● Teams are obliged to have proper and unified jerseys including. shorts. Two sets of uniforms are welcome. In case that opponents have similar uniform colors, a set of pinnies will be provided to one of the teams (a toss will decide).
● Per international rules, wooden sticks and large goalie sticks (Walls, or quads) are NOT allowed.
●As the tournament is also a promotion of the game of lacrosse to the public and the media we ask all players to play fair and within the rules and spirit of sportsmanship.

Playing system

Participating teams are randomly selected to Preliminary Game play. A winning team gets three points, each team gets one point if the score is tied at the end of regulation, and the team winning in the sudden victory period receives an additional point. Teams losing in regulation receive zero points.

The following criteria in preliminary game play decide a team’s finish/seeding for the playoffs:

1. number of points;
2. head-to-head match;
3. fewest goals allowed;
4. fewest penalty minutes;
5. coin toss.

Mike Poulin Iroquois Nationals Czech Republic WILC 2015 Coyote Magic
Photo Credit: Coyote Magic Action Shots

International Rules (Federation of International Lacrosse) were selected for use due to the fact that we have clubs/teams playing from six different countries. We wanted rules that were easily accessible for teams, understood by our officials universally, and that kept our tourney open to anyone. International Rules served this purpose best and keep the focus on scoring goals, good goaltending, and excellent tough defending!

Full Roster of Announced Teams

  1. LCC Radotín – Czech Republic national champions
  2. Vermont Voyageurs – the best Sr B team in the US
  3. Nova Scotia Privateers – representing the Eastern Canadian provinces
  4. GoldStar Tel Aviv – Israel’s best
  5. Brooklyn Dodgers – 2x defending NYC champions
  6. Onondaga Redhawks – Can-AM champions, and the “home” team
  7. Jamaica Disapora – yes, you read that correctly
  8. Uncommon Fit LaserSharks – Mostly Americans, with plenty of experience
  9. House Team – that’s us!
  10. Thompson Brothers Lacrosse – The Thompson brothers and friends
  11. Caughnawaga Indians – QSLL and former TNL program

Masters and Youth… Next Year!

In 2017, we’re adding a Master’s division, but for this year, we decided against it. We were only going to host four teams, and it just wasn’t shaping up the right way. There were disagreements about which rules could be used amongst prospective teams, and numbers were a little low, so we pulled the plug. But plans are already in works for next year, and the extra time will make sure it goes the right way, and is great for the master’s game.

In addition to the masters, we will be adding at least one youth division! It’s exciting stuff, and we can’t wait. Get the kids playing young, right?!?!

How Can People Watch?

Obviously you should come to the games in person if it’s even a remote possibility. That’s obvious. But if you can’t make it up, the games WILL be available online through the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel. Are we excited about this? YOU KNOW WE ARE! Subscribe today to see the games, as well as the game draw, which will also be done on our YouTube channel next week!

Final Steps

We will announce the final teams, and draw the teams to their specific game assignments (with times!) early next week, and then get up to Onondaga to put it all together on site. We will have plenty more lead up content and info coming at you in the next two weeks, so stay tuned!